Some Amazing Health benefits of drinking water from an earthen

Health benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot are:

Water is crucial to our existence. Did you know that the method we use to conserve and use water can make a an impact on the quality of our water? If you've ever had water made from plastic bottles or the clay pot, you'll understand the difference! While you can keep water in steel bottles, plastic bottles containers or glass bottles clay pots are a better choice because of the benefits that provide a healthier choice. It is more than the earthy flavor and richness to your water. Wondering how? Learn more about the process and make the best choice for you!

Amazing Health Benefits

1. Cooling Water

We all have fond memories of the old days of having to drink the water stored in the Matkas. Researchers have concluded that keeping water in a water pot is the most effective method. Clay pots don't just help cool the water but also offer healing by utilizing the earth's elements. The most important thing is that clay pots can transfer the chill to the water, based on climate. The quality of a clay container is distinctive, and no other container can boast the same qualities.

2. Porous

Clay has a porous nature. The same way clay pots are also porous. When you put water into clay, evaporated water takes place. This process leads to cooling as water particles absorb energy by way of heat. They then change into gas and mix with air. Clay pots have tiny holes that are visible at a microscopic level through which water dribbles out and absorbs energy. It then changes into gas. It then evaporates, leading to cooling. The water and heat circulate through the pot, in a manner that is completely different to enamel or metal-lined crockery we have nowadays. Certain pots are made from special clay with mica speckles, commonly referred to as micaceous clay. Mica is an insulation material that is naturally occurring.

3. Alkaline

Another advantage that clay clay is its alkaline quality of the clay. The clay is alkaline and interacts in a way with water's acidity, and helps to maintain the correct pH balance. It can also help reduce acidity, and also provide relief from the gastronomic aches. The clay's properties are extremely beneficial and is among the many well-studied benefits that can be derived from drinking the water in an earthen vessel. When foods that are acidic, such as milk or meat are prepared in an earthen pan the clay assists in neutralize the excessively acidic properties of food.

4. Improves Metabolism And Virility

Drinking the correct amount of water every day will help boost our metabolism. Water is usually stored in plastic containers, not knowing that harmful chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A) in plastic that adhere to water molecules and create danger to health. Alternately, drinking water from a clay container could help increase metabolism with no harmful chemicals like BPA in the mix. The water you drink from the clay container can help keep the level of testosterone in your body, in contrast with plastic which decreases testosterone levels within our bodies. Clay water tastes like natural and refreshingly chilled, and can help boost your metabolism and improve your virility.

5. Gentle On The Throat

Do you remember summer vacations? when we returned to the playground after playing a good game of hopscotch or football. Mom or Grandma would insist on drinking water from the Matka instead of the fridge. While we didn't know the reason one of the motives might have been to protect ourselves from sunstroke. The other reason could be because the rapid temperature changes could have caused us to get sick.+

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