Easy Way to Gain weight know how raisins can help in weight

How raisins can help in weight gain?

At its most fundamental level the concept of weight gain is calories in as opposed to. energy expenditure. In particular, you'll have to consume between 250 and 500 calories more than what you're already eating to keep your weight in check. The extra calories add up into 0.5 up to 1 pound in weight gain every week.

Easy Way to Gain weight know how raisins can help in weight gain

Raisins are a fairly dense source of calories and can therefore help you achieve your calorie-addition goals. Half-cup of seeds-free regular or golden raisinswhich is measured without packingcontains 218 calories. If you've enjoyed a cup of raisins as part of your normal menu, you'll reach the 250-calorie goal and that's without making any other changes to your eating habits.

Healthful Benefits of Raisins

The best weight-loss diets include healthy food choices, which means that you're getting the essential nutrients you requiresuch as vitamins and minerals along with calories. Being a great source of several vital nutrients, raisins provide the nutritional value of the diet you follow.

Half-cup of raisins, regular or golden -- provides 16 percent of your daily dose of potassium. Potassium is a key ingredient in your body's electrolyte balance which is essential for the health of your muscles as well as nerves. Potassium is also a key ingredient in your cell metabolism by assisting your cells process carbohydrates.

Raisins are also a great way to ensure that you are getting sufficient copper in your weight-loss diet. Copper stimulates certain proteins, known as enzymes, which allow your cells to perform. Certain copper-dependent enzymes play a function in maintaining brain health and function of nerves, and others help to promote healthier connective tissue. Half-cups of regular raisins contains 12 percent of copper's daily requirement as compared to a similar portion of golden raisins has 13 percent.

Serving Raisins for Weight Gain

You can increase the potential for weight gain from fruits by serving them alongside protein sources, so you'll enjoy the health advantages of raisins as well as the muscle-building properties of protein throughout the day. Mix a few raisins into a bowl that is low-fat Greek milk or cottage cheese, or add small teaspoons of raisins to provide the natural sweetness of chicken and tuna salad wraps or sandwiches. Utilize protein powder instead of flour in order to make high-protein muffins, breads , or pancakes and sprinkle raisins on morroccan-infused curries or chicken for extra calories, nutrients and taste.

Simple Ways or Strategies to Gain Weight

These are suggestions or home remedies to help you achieve weight loss that is healthy:

Eating Healthy Diet

When trying to lose weight, the emphasis should be on eating food items that are full of minerals and vitamins. A research study conducted by Dr. Una Masic and Dr. Martin R. Yeomans released in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that the flavor of umami can increase satiety, and boost appetite, which can aid in weight gain.

A list of healthy food items includes the following:

  • Meat and birds
  • Unsaturated plant oils
  • Low-fat milk
  • Healthy starch content
Fruits and vegetables

Dates, cashews, almonds and walnuts dry grapes, apricots and peaches

Ground nuts, sesame seeds and peanuts

Note: The nuts and fruits are great additions to salads, breakfasts as well as cereals and desserts.


Based on a study conducted by Dr. Victor L. Fulgoni, III et al. The consumption of raisins is linked to greater weight gain and better intake of nutrients. They are a dense source of nutrients, which means that even small portions of raisins can provide a significant quantity of calories. The equivalent of a quarter cup can contain up to 100 calories. So, consuming a daily dose of raisins can significantly increase your weight.

Increased Mango Intake

Mangoes are also excellent in helping you lose weight due to the sugar and carbohydrate levels that are high (source: USDA). The fruit can be consumed in the morning or added to dinner or lunch subject to availability. The fruit is best eaten in conjunction with your regular meals.


Bananas are among the fruits that is ideal for weight gain. Research conducted by Dr. Monica L. Bertoia and others.

(Department of Nutrition Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health) suggests that the consumption of bananas that have high glycemic loads can help in maintaining a healthy weight. According to USDA it is a great source of sugars, carbohydrates, and carbohydrates. It also has high levels of potassium, which aids in maintaining the balance of fluids within the body. In general, athletes consume bananas prior to their workouts in order to boost their energy. Bananas eaten after meals may aid in weight gain.

Beware of bananas if you're sick.

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