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To access the NICVIEW 2 Web Camera System, simply go to the webpage and enter your username and password. NICVIEW 2 offers an exceptionally user-friendly experience, providing HD quality, web-based video streaming in real-time on any online device through a standard downloadable app.

The Next Best Thing To Being There

*Exclusively Available in the USA and Canada

Childbirth is a profoundly emotional experience for parents and families, especially when a newborn's initial critical days, weeks, or even months are spent in the NICU. NICVIEW 2 addresses this by offering continuous video access to the hospitalised infant, allowing families to feel like active partners in their child's care right from the start.


NicView Login Page:

Promoting Mother-Baby Bonding

On-demand video streaming helps alleviate the distress and anxiety mothers can experience when separated from their newborns. The visual connection supports the process of mother-baby bonding and may aid in milk flow during breastmilk expression, even when mother and baby are apart. Families can observe and understand their newborn's routines in the NICU, helping with the transition to home life.

Ensuring Privacy

NICVIEW 2 offers superior user-friendliness, featuring HD quality, web-based video streaming accessible through a standard downloadable app on any online device. Privacy remains a top priority. Password-protected access guarantees that parents can only view their own child. With end-to-end encryption and SSL authentication, parents enjoy the same level of privacy as they do at home.

Building Trust in the NICU

Designed with a compact and clean aesthetic, NICVIEW 2 can be activated, deactivated, and repositioned at will, ensuring that NICU staff maintain control of the care process at all times. This allows parents to witness the exemplary care their newborns receive, fostering trust and confidence in the NICU staff.

24/7 Video Streaming

Offering high-definition video with the best available resolution
Exceptional low-light performance for clearer imaging

User-Friendly Approach

Direct app-based access (available for Android & iOS) from any compatible device
Simple and secure sign-in access via the app
Designed to cater to families and relatives of all ages, regardless of location

Comprehensive NICU Management

NICU staff can determine camera positioning and viewing schedules
Compact design with seamless integration into the NICU workflow

Top-Tier Security

Utilizing end-to-end encryption and SSL authentication
Parental access limited exclusively to their own newborn

Future-Ready Capability

Adaptable software platform prepared for future advancements
App-based access eliminates the need for a hospital server
24/7 customer and technical support available for both families and clinical staff

Portal Active Directory Integration

Convenience and Security

Streamlining access control administration to the NICVIEW portal for hospital staff
Enables facilities to employ their own hospital network username and password credentials
Enhancing security by instantly disabling NICVIEW access when credentials change
Hospitals achieve increased efficiency in managing role-based security on their own terms

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