know the causes of white hair and easy ways to prevent it naturally

Concerned about premature whitening of the hair? What causes premature whitening of the hair, and what you may do about it, are outlined here. 

Do you fret about becoming white before your time? Are you one of the many young people experiencing premature whitening and searching for solutions? You have found the correct location! Keep reading to find out what causes premature whitening of the hair and what you can do about it

But before we get any farther, it's important to define white hair. 

white hair is a normal part of the ageing process. white hair is a natural part of the ageing process. Melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour, is stored in the skin's millions of hair follicles. white hair is the result of melanin being shed by hair follicles as a normal component of the ageing process.


What causes white hair in young age? 


Despite the lack of insight into its origins, genetics is a major contributor to premature whitening. The inability to produce melanin or the presence of abnormalities in the cells responsible for melanin synthesis are both inherited traits. 


An unhealthy diet might speed up the whitening of hair. Free radical generation in the body, which can cause hair whitening, is increased in those who consume processed meals, cold drinks, and a lot of salt and sugar. A balanced diet is essential for avoiding white hair and keeping your hair in good condition. 


Premature whitening is more common in people who have been under chronic stress for a long time. Your hair will white far more quickly if you're stressed out, regardless of how hectic your family life is or how fatigued and overworked you are. Stem cell depletion in the hair follicles has been related to stress, so if you constantly worry and resent yourself, you may start to see your hair turn white. 


Nutritional deficiencies 

White follicles can also be the result of a lack of iron, folate, vitamin D, or vitamin B12. Folic acid deficiency and low biotin levels have both been linked to premature hair whitening

Oxidative stress 

Oxidative stress is a possible cause of white hair. This happens when free radicals are more prevalent than antioxidants. Not having enough antioxidants to neutralise free radicals might hasten ageing and cause other health problems. Excessive oxidation is the root cause of vitiligo. This leads to the premature loss of hair and whitening of hair when hair follicles are killed off. 

Chemicals in hair care products 

Premature whitening of the hair has been linked to chemicals included in shampoos and conditioners that inhibit melanin synthesis. Overuse of hair colours containing bleaching chemicals or hydrogen peroxide can cause hair to become white. 



Smoking is bad for your hair and your health for obvious reasons. Smoking causes blood vessel dilation, which lowers blood supply to the hair follicles. Toxins in cigarette smoke can damage hair follicles and speed up the ageing process, leading to premature whitening of the hair. 

How to avoid white hair at young age 

Using these techniques, you may finally put an end to your white hair. 

  • If you now use shampoo on a regular basis, please refrain from doing so. Switch to an organic, gentler shampoo. Harsh chemicals included in shampoos and conditioners can interfere with pigment development and lead to hair loss. 

  • Second, go for all-natural hair colours like those made from tea or coffee. To activate the colour, simply boil them for 15 minutes. After they have cooled, stir in the essential oils. 

  • Make a paste of gooseberries and black walnuts, mix it with essential oils, and apply it to your hair to moisturise it. Softness and slower whitening are side effects of this. 

  • Why does my 4-year-old have white hair? Eat dark chocolate. The copper in dark chocolate can help keep your hair from becoming white by encouraging your body to make more melanin.  

  • Eat meals high in vitamin B12 to keep your hair from becoming white and your scalp healthy. Fruits and vegetables (such cheese, avocado, yeast, oranges, plums, and cranberries) are great sources of vitamin B12. 

  • Sixth, henna, a natural colour, helps cure the scalp. Applying henna to your hair as least once a week will keep it from fading prematurely. It not only eliminates whatever white hair you may already have, but it also stops any more whitening from occurring. 


The progression of white hair can be halted or even reversed with a proper diagnosis and therapy. Good hair care and a healthy diet can also aid. However, the procedure may be permanent in some circumstances.

White hair may be delayed or even prevented with regular use of natural therapies. However, the natural ageing process affects everyone, and each person must determine whether or not they are okay with their hair turning white.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What gives hair its natural colour?

The same pigment called melanin that colours the skin and the eyes also determines the colour of the hair. The quantity and composition of melanin determine hair colour.

How does hair turn white?

White hair has a diminished amount of pigment, whereas white hair has none at all. It's in part because fewer stem cells are able to develop into melanin-producing cells. It's possible that the cells' maintenance mechanisms may wear out, be compromised, or be lost over time. Melanin production is controlled in part by genes. PHG can be brought on by many different things, including a bad diet, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, being overweight, smoking, stress, and certain illnesses.

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